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Our Mission is to

EMPOWER and ENABLE all children to read, write, spell and express

themselves with CONFIDENCE and EASE.

- Linda Grandson, Author  -

Linda Grandson is an ex Primary School Head Teacher with 35 years’ experience successfully teaching hundreds of children to read. She is now a Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer and CEO of Deans Education Company, specialising in producing  programmes designed to enable parents to teach their children to read at home.


In 1984 Linda founded Primrose Nursery School in Islington, in 1989 the nursery was expanded at the parents request to become Primrose Montessori School with facilities for 120 children aged 2-11-years old. The school ran for 25 years and received Outstanding Ofsted reports.


Linda is passionate about  supporting children who are learning to read.  Some children find it a challenge. There can be many contributing factors, Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties are common but sometimes it’s simply because the child has not been given sufficient time to learn a new concept and has been expected to move on before they are ready. This can cause anxiety, low self-confidence, low self-esteem and reluctance to make further attempts to read. If not remedied in the early stages, the child may never catch up.


Inspired by the success of teaching hundreds of children to read using the Montessori method, Linda set up Deans Education Company and has written a new interactive phonic reading programme. There is a manual with simple, clear instructions designed to enable parents/carers to support their child’s reading progress at home, at their own pace, in a relaxed environment, confident in the knowledge that they are following the guidelines of the National Curriculum.


A strong believer in the connection between undiagnosed/unsupported learning difficulties and mental health challenges that affect many young people and adults in later life, Linda qualified as a Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer and regularly runs mental health awareness courses to provide teachers and employers with the skills to recognise and respond to the early signs of poor mental health.

Linda enjoys attending personal development seminars but can also be found spending quality time with family on a farm in Somerset, where the inspiration for her first reading scheme was born.

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