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Learning to Read is Fun, Reading to Learn is Fun

Our Mission is to EMPOWER and ENABLE

all children to read, write, spell and express themselves with CONFIDENCE and EASE.

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About Dean's Education

Inspired by the success of teaching hundreds of children to read using the Montessori method, Linda set up Deans Education Company and has written a new interactive phonic reading programme.

There is a manual with simple, clear instructions designed to enable parents/carers to support their child’s reading progress at home, at their own pace, in a relaxed environment, confident in the knowledge that they are following the guidelines of the National Curriculum.


About Deans Education

GTeX Show: Interview with Linda Grandson: A new paradigm in education
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Why choose Deans Education Products?

Linda does not just talk about education, she makes things happen. She will know what time-table, what material, what lay-out, what activities will bring about the nurturing environment needed for for the children to develop to their full potential. Her plans have always been far reaching, but they are not pie in the sky. They all stem from needs observed, and are based on real solutions. 

Beatrice  Deveaux SEN teacher/SENCo. INSET Trainer County Primary Schools, Wales.

I have many happy memories from my time at Primrose Montessori School and cannot thank you enough for everything you  taught me from 1992 to 1999, my parents have always said that if it was not for my education at Primrose I would not be who I am today. I just wanted to 
thank you with all my heart. 

Nehir Tosun

Former Pupil

I was Deputy at Primrose Montessori school for 15 years.

Linda has a sound knowledge of child development and child psychology which has developed from an innate ability to ‘tune into’ children's needs.  Linda's new reading scheme has been written  based  on her years of experience of  creating well loved reading materials for her classrooms and the need for parents to have the skills and knowledge  to support their children at home.

Cindy Raymond

Childcare  Services Manager

Childcare and Training Centre 


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